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MINI HATCH: campaign website

Taking 13 000 people for a 10 000 min. virtual test‑drive

Year: 2014


When Krasta Auto introduced new MINI Hatch to Lithuanian market, our task was not only to inform its potential purchasers, but also to invite them to test-drive it. We had to set up an online campaign where everyone would get a chance to feel what driving a new MINI really means.


MINI Cooper has always been rather a car that you have to get in a relationship with (although, not a very serious one), than just a vehicle. We decided to make a campaign that would give everyone the taste of driving the new Mini Hatch, instead of just letting everyone know it’s already here.


We built a video website for the new MINI’s experience and made attractive banners that generated page visits. In this way everyone could virtually drive through the streets of Europe until they reached Krasta Auto in Vilnius and then could register for a real test-drive.

Results in 3 weeks

30 000
page views
10 000
minutes online with a brand

Just in 3 weeks website got 30 000 page views. More than 13 000 people spent an overall 10 000 minutes online with a brand.

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