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Shouting to the Moon to shoot for the stars

Year: 2013


The first Lithuanian nanosatellite “Lituanica80” was launched to the space. We had to promote the event and to encourage thousands of Lithuanians to participate in this campaign. They all had to suggest three words that later got transmitted back to Earth from an outer space.


In Lithuanian language words “shoot” and “shout“ are spelled exactly the same – “Šauk”, so we decided to let people launch an interactive rocket by yelling to the screen.


People were asked to pick three Lithuanian words they wanted to hear from the space after the nanosatellite reaches it. Campaign consisted of an interactive landing page, rubric on the news portal “15min.lt” and banners, letting people choose the most convenient way to suggest their words. On the website users had to type in and yell their chosen words in order to launch a virtual space shuttle to the space.

Results in 2 months

18 460
unique visitors.
average visit duration
50 000+
words shouted via landing

In just 2 months banners and the news portal rubric generated 18 460 unique visits to the campaign website. Average visit duration was 01:31 min. and a lot of people actually yelled at their screens. Even the celebrities did it on TV. Oh, and not forgetting to mention – “Ad Fingers” logo got into space!

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