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GF DAKAR RALLY 2015: integrated campaign

Tripling the popularity of the Dakar Rally in Lithuania by a single campaign


Each year “General Financing” is sponsoring Lithuania’s Dakar rally team and our task was yet again to stimulate users to follow and support the team online.


Lithuanian coat of arms – Vytis – was successfully used in a previous Dakar campaign, so we continued using it this year to bond the nation and our rally team.


To make this integrated campaign more personal, we divided its website into 4 stages, letting people to indulge themselves in various events online. At first, people could add their Facebook profile pictures to a blazon sticker, which was later put on the rooftop of Lithuanian racing car. Then users could send their wishes for the racers, watch the live-stream of Dakar and then participate in a New Year’s resolution contest.


In 2015 this integrated campaign tripled the Dakar rally’s popularity in Lithuania. Due to fully optimized media and remarketing campaign, dakaras.gf.lt appeared first in the Google search and outran the original dakar.com website.

Compared to a last year’s campaign, now we got:

3 times
more unique users (200 000)
7 times
more pictures on a blazon (7 500)

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