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Bringing 1 000 fans to Dakar Rally alongside with a racing team

Year: 2013


Each year General Financing is supporting Dakar rally team altogether with thousands of their fans. We had to find a way to engage them with a brand and help to monitor the race online.


Since no Dakar rally team was ever able to take thousands of their fans to the race, we decided to let Lithuanian racing team do it anyway (in a way).


We’ve set up a two-step interactive campaign consisting of a landing page and banners that let everyone monitor racing team’s performance in Dakar. At first, all the fans could upload their pictures to a Vytis shaped blazon on a website, just before the race began. Later on this blazon was stuck to the race car, so all the fans could join their favorite team in South America. After the race began, everyone was able to watch it broadcasted live on the same web.

Results in 4 weeks

50 000
unique visits
1 000
uploaded pictures
returning users

Website got almost 50 000 unique visits with a bounce rate of less than a 4% (the world’s average is ~50%). More than 1 000 users uploaded their pictures to the blazon, which later accompanied the racing team in Dakar.

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