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BMW xDrive: integrated campaign

How many brand new BMW’s could one possibly sell via Facebook?


Smart all-wheel drive system, xDrive, ensures that your BMW has the best possible traction at all times. The problem was – very few Lithuanians would know that. So while increasing the sales for the BMW retailer in Lithuania, “Krasta-Auto”, we also had to promote this new feature of their cars.


The decision making process of whether to buy a car takes long – 6 months on average. So during this short (3 months) campaign we optimized media channels in such way that we would reach as much of our target audience as possible. The BMW’s driver is self-confident, hedonistic, loves driving, so we built a campaign based on a sleek design and strong call to action.


While building main website for this campaign, we had launched a temporary one in order to not detain sales. We’ve set a media strategy that let us reach the widest audience possible and then we’ve picked those users that we wanted to engage. Finally, we’ve communicated certain offers to the people we’ve chosen and invited them to register and test drive new BMW cars with xDrive system.


of registrations were from the potential buyers
of the people have bought BMW’s after the test drive.

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