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BITĖ: corporate website

Smartification of the smartest place to choose a smart device online


Our task was to redesign BITĖ’s website by the latest trends in the market. Website’s main focus had to be smart devices, so browsing on a smartphone or a tablet had to be extra smooth and simple.


We decided to implement the latest e-shop trends and functions to a website, which would be fully adaptable and responsive, so that users could conveniently browse on their smart devices.


Just in 3 months we’ve completely redesigned and coded a brand new backend meta-site. Now the clients of „Bitė Lietuva” can browse and choose whichever smartphone or tablet to buy, by simply inspecting them online. Website will be constantly updated by the latest video reviews and BITĖ‘s personnel insights on the each device.


Organic traffic from the smart devices increased rapidly:


Overall traffic from the smart devices increased by:


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