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AKROPOLIS WINTER SALE: Facebook campaign

Reaching half a million of Facebook users by a single Flash post

Year: 2013


Client asked both to inform their customers about the beginning of a winter sale and to collect an email database for the later campaigns.


Users are more likely to engage with a brand on social network if it’s easy and useful for them, so we made an engaging way to get their emails and inform them about the sale.


We created a Facebook flash post so that the users could interact and try to guess which piece of clothing belongs to which store. After making 3 right guesses in a row, they would get a gift card to shop in Akropolis, so it got really engaging.

This is how it looked.

Results in 3 weeks

of online users
3 times
exceeded the expected ammount of collected emails

We reached almost half a million of Lithuanian Facebook users and exceeded an expected amount of collected emails by 3 times!

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